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Stephen Swain Photgapher
Stephen Swain Photgapher


Welcome to theweddingfile testimonials, where you can read exactly what customers think of it. To add a testimonial, please Contact Us.

Amy - Cheshire

I have just received my wedding file and I cannot thank you enough. I have looked for a wedding planner for the last 2 years and nothing has come remotely close to what I actually wanted until now! It is fantastic! I will be recommending it to all my friends :) Thank you so much, I am looking forward to filling it in and planning my big day!

Kate - Northamptonshire

I look forward to giving the file to my little sister - it's been five years already since I proudly showed mine off all over the place while I prepared for our wedding. They are fabulously useful and pretty to enjoy while all the exciting plans are developed and bought together - I hope she enjoys hers as much as I did mine!

Tara - Mitcham

The parcel has just arrived, thank you so much! The file is absolutely amazing, even better than I thought it would be.  

Amy - Hertfordshire

I just received my wedding file and it’s amazing! Even better than I expected. The pages are so beautiful, as well as practical. I’m sure my other engaged friends will be very jealous when I show them! Thanks for your friendly and speedy service.

Liesl - London

Thank you kindly for the file, which I received today. It's fabulous! Much appreciated! I can't wait to get stuck in. Liesl

Donna - Aberdeen

.... the Wedding Organiser and it is amazing! Was more than what I expected thank you very much.

Catherine - Worthing

Thank you very much. I received my Wedding File last week and it's amazing! I love it!

Dessie - Slindon

Thank you so much for the best wedding organiser! Its even better than I thought! With warm wishes, Dessie

Melanie - London

Just wanted to let you know that my wedding file was delivered today and how thrilled I am by it. As a girl for whom attention to detail is everything I could not ask for a more perfect wedding planner. It's so nice I am not sure I can bear to write in it.

Claire - Liverpool

My file arrived yesterday morning and I haven't been able to put it down since!!! It's better than I thought it was going to be. My friend is also trying to convince her husband to marry her again just so she can get one!! Again, many thanks!!

Andrew - London

Wow! What fabulous service, the file arrived today only 36 hours after ordering..My fiancée has been talking about your file ever since she saw a friend of ours' at New Year. So I'll pop it under her pillow and bask in the resulting glory. Many thanks, Andrew

Victoria, Staffordshire

I just thought I would e-mail you to let you know I received the wedding file and I love it. Not only is it beautiful its so practical. It will really keep me organised and I'm looking forward to using it throughout the planning of my wedding. Thank you

Ilenia, Italy

I had so much difficulties in finding such a useful and nice product (in Italy is even worse to find something like that) then when I saw it I was amazed… I was in fact doing more or less the same but using a normal spiral notebook because I really wanted to write down things… and not only keep tracks and helping myself in planning but also keep everything as a memory. This is thousand times better..more ideas, more reminders, sections and it had everything with a beautiful look and feel too ! The file is extremely beautiful and rich of useful things so I am for sure completely satisfied about my purchase. I will recommend theweddingfile to everybody because not only it is a very nice idea and a product executed with the greatest care for detail, but because I found the service extremely professional.

Karine - Witney

Just wanted to say how wonderful it was to plan my wedding using this beautiful, unique and practical file. I couldn't have managed without it. I looked back on it on our first anniversary and know it will be a lasting reminder of the all the love and effort we put into our special day shared by our friends and family.

Heidi - Reading

I have to say a big thank you for your Wedding File, it's gorgeous, practical, just the right size and so what I wanted and needed! It'll be great to show it off to all my friends and family who live in Sweden, as they have seen nothing like it!!! And it will be so nice to keep it as a lasting memento after the wedding to flick through and think back how exciting it was to plan the wedding. Many thanks

Andrea - Birmingham

Hi, just got my wedding file, and I love it !! Couldn't find anything as lovely as this anywhere, so thank you! Just found out that my Chief Bridesmaid-to be has got engaged, so have just ordered one for her. Thank you.

Amy - Devizes

I would just like to say a big thank you for my new wedding file. It is perfect! Also, a big congratulations on such a speedy delivery service, I ordered it yesterday afternoon and I received it today! Great Stuff!! Thank you very much and I look forward to planning my wedding. Kind Regards

Victoria-Claire - Stockport

Just a quick note to say ‘Thank You’ so much, I love my wedding file it’s beautiful and so useful, it has everything you could possibly think of. I can’t wait to reminisce in a few years when I have children and tell them all about our special day and how well organised it was down to my wonderful wedding file. Thank You Once Again Kindest Regards

Sylvia - Milton Keynes

Hi - got both the files today. I am so impressed and I know my Auntie in law to be will be very impressed too. She's gonna love it. I got her one as a gift and one for myself as we are both getting married this year. The file is so beautiful and packed with useful things. I love the file so much I have already started to fill it up with information. Was up till 4.00am filling it in I love it. Thank you so much. xxx

Emma - Wales

Thank you so much .. I ordered my file and received it the next morning which was great as I couldn't wait to see it after reading your testimonials. What can I say? It's fab! a really stunning and useful file, it's too nice to write in.

Joy - Netherlands

Just wanted to say I received my weddingfile on time. It's an ideal engagement present and even though not all parts are applicable to my ceremony, it still helps me have a very good overview of the whole ceremony. It's great and I am looking forward to using it.

Rachel - Buckinghamshire

I received my eagerly awaited 'WeddingFile' yesterday and would like to congratulate you on creating such a beautiful and useful product. You appear to have thought of everything! I'm delighted with it and can't wait to start using it to plan my wedding.

Melinda - Berks

A beautiful and useful momento of our special day. theweddingfile was delivered within a day of ordering.

Jennifer - Richmond

Made me feel much more organised before I'd even written anything in it! Very reassuring to have all your information in one permanent file - you can see at a glance what still needs to be organised, especially with the help of the comprehensive checklists. Can't wait to leaf through it in a few years' time and reminisce about my wonderful wedding day.

Judith - Dunstable

What a wonderful way to store precious memories

Emma - London

An invaluable aid, particularly the monthly/weekly checklists. Every bride-to-be should have one to help her keep sane at a mad time!

Jennifer - Australia

I just wanted you to know that I have received my weddingfile and I LOVE IT! Thanks so much.

Emma - London

My weddingfile was my constant companion throughout the planning of my wedding and absolutely indispensable and now I have a beautiful souvenir of all my hard work of the big day to keep forever.

Andrea - Dundee

Not the cheapest file around, but having looked at several different ones was definately the best value - I used mine every day in the run up to our wedding.

Nina - London

theweddingfile kept me in control of my wedding planning and therefore in control of my nerves!

Claire - Stoke on Trent

A perfect way to keep track of all your wedding plans and arrangements. A place to write down thoughts and facts and a lovely momento to treasure long after the day itself.

Jacqueline - Bradford

theweddingfile kept my wedding chaos - organised!

Michaela - Glusburn

Run your wedding with feminine flair and not like a business.

Ms Jeffrey - Essex

Excellent to take to wedding shows, dress fittings and meetings with florists etc .. able to give a quick overview of the day to anyone who wanted to get a flavour of our wedding.

Angela - Reading

I have just received my weddingfile. I'd like to congratulate you on creating such a beautiful yet practical product. I look forward to many happy months of planning with it!

Jacqui - London

Thank you for the beautiful weddingfile. It is so beautiful I hesitated to even write in it !

Lydia - San Francisco

I am totally in love with your creation

Manjit - London

I love it

Emma - London

Thank you for my weddingfile, it is beautiful. I have started to put information into it already, it is going to be invaluable.

Melinda - London

Just to let you know how delighted I am with the beautiful weddingfile. It will be an invaluable planner as well as a wonderful keepsake. Thank you for such prompt and friendly service

Rosie - London

It's fantastic - You have thought of absolutely everything - I love the little surprises throughout the file

Sophie - London

I bought one for my sister who has just announced her engagement. An ideal present – if I can bear to part with it……!!

Jan - Brighton

Even though we are not having a huge or totally traditional wedding, nearly all of the sections were appropriate or adaptable and everything I needed to think of was contained in the file. It is compact, practical, time-saving, informative and a useable working file which has not allowed me to forget or lose a thing! It has proved to be invaluable to the organisation of our wedding and has prevented a lot of unnecessary stress, and thereby enabled me to enjoy the planning to the full. Wishing theweddingfile the success it deserves.

Jo - Buckinghamshire

I can’t believe I did not have one for my wedding – it is a brilliant idea. I have purchased one for my sister-in-law who said it was the best engagement present ever.